Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bacon push back?

   On Monday I blogged on the sugary drink debate in Howard County.  Like all debates or controversies there are two perspectives with very different points of view.  On one side are those who see a health crisis with our unhealthful lifestyles and want to encourage (require?) people to choose more healthy choices.  I tend to support most of these efforts at encouraging healthier lifestyles.  After all I am at an age when the effects of unhealthy lifestyles of many of my contemporaries are leading to problems with diabetes, heart issues, cancers, joint replacements and other obesity related problems.  In spite of these issues we have those on the other side who decry the "nanny state" and feel that we should be free to make all the unhealthy choices we want.  Today I thought I would highlight one of those unhealthy choices that seems to be popping up all over these days.  I am referring to the way bacon is being marketed in so many food products today.  Just take a look at some of the bacon choices being offered.

Wendy's BLT burger

Bacon pancakes at IHOP

Bacon sundae at Burger King

Even premium chocolate Vosgue's has got into the craze with dark chocolate bacon bars.

   This past April there was even a "bacon festival" at Rash Field in Baltimore.


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