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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Toby's: A piece of Broadway in Columbia


       Sometimes we travel great distances to have experiences that are right under our noses.  This fact was brought back to me last week when we attended the Les Miserables show that Toby's Dinner Theater.  I had been planning on celebrating an anniversary by going to New York and seeing a Broadway show until I saw that Toby's was running Les Miz this month.  This is my wife's favorite play and the idea of seeing the play with only a short car trip just seemed too good to pass up.  We had not been to a play at Toby's for a few years (more than I want to admit) and somehow the attractions of Baltimore and DC seem to draw us there more often for entertainment than what we have in Columbia.  This mistake was brought home to me by the first class production of the performers in this show.  Having seen Les Miz four times with the original performance in NY and a couple of touring groups I can say that the local production stacks up well to the other performances.  The performance at Toby's is only there for a few more weeks so I would encourage everyone to catch it before it leaves.  Sometimes the best things are right under our noses.

    This is a taste of why this play is so loved.  

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