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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Coho's: Columbia's hometown restaurant

     As you can see in the picture above Coho's last 1/2 price burger night before the renovation was packed as usual.  I had to go this last time for one of my favorite burgers.  Their turkey buffalo burger (not on their menu but by request) is the best anywhere.  This is to say nothing about how the fries that accompany their burgers are addictive.  I usually steal some from my wife's plate after finishing off mine.
     I have blogged on how many of our old Columbia food institutions have disappeared over the years.  Mrs. Z's, The Pub and Produce Galore just to mention a few.  For old time Columbians Coho's remains as one that still provides a great place to get some good food (great crab cakes) and run into people you know.  I rarely go there and not see someone I know.  Granted the crowd at Coho's (especially on 1/2 price burger night!) is an older crowd that have called Columbia home for some time.   These are the people who are first generation Columbians who moved here in the late 60's and 70's to raise their families. They remember the film on the Columbia story that you saw when you first visited the Visitors Center.  They have stayed in many of our older communities long after their kids have left home.
     I will miss going there as we head into winter and remember how inviting walking into the place with the fire in their fireplace greeting you.  November 2014 can't come soon enough to resume coming to this welcoming community establishment again.

From CA on closing:

Last Day for Club Clubhouse Operations Will Be Oct. 26

Construction will soon begin on the new clubhouse at the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club. The golf club will remain open for play, with limited non-golf services available for golfers.

Columbia Association (CA) has announced that the last day of normal clubhouse operations will be Saturday, Oct. 26. Beginning on Sunday, Oct. 27, limited services will be available in the clubhouse for both the pro shop and The Coho Grill restaurant. The golf course will close on Monday, Oct. 28, for a private outing. This will be the last outing until spring.

From Oct. 29 through mid-November, limited services will continue to be provided in the clubhouse for both the pro shop and the restaurant while furniture and fixtures are removed. Demolition of the existing clubhouse is expected to begin in late November. At that time, reception, the pro shop, and limited food and beverage operations will move to a temporary trailer. A storage building to temporarily house the carts and chargers is being constructed. Restroom facilities will be available at the pro shop, the Racquet Club and at portable locations.

In April, a turn house providing food and drink service will be open. There also will be restrooms at this location. The new clubhouse is expected to be open in November 2014. For more information, please

  Howard County Police released this photo of the suspect in the shooting of a Howard County Police Officer yesterday in Savage.


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