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Friday, October 25, 2013

Best hiking locally for Fall foliage

     With the recent cooler weather and shorter days our fall foliage should be near peak the next two weekends.  While we may think of New England or the Shenandoahs for fall color we have some areas very close to us that can be spectacular.  This past week I hiked in the Patapsco State Park and took the pictures below along the Crescent trail in the park.  The trail has 0.9 mile and a 2.3 mile loops. The color was not quite there yet but that should be changing very quickly.   

The roots along the path form natural steps at many locations along the trail.

To show the color on this trail at its peak I pulled some photos from Google images.

   Another great location for fall color is in Rock Creek Park in DC.  The park has many different types of trees that adds to its color in the Fall.  Below are some examples of the Park in the Fall.

       With the Ravens bye week this weekend it may be the ideal time to enjoy some nature this weekend.

     This week I went out at daybreak to take some photos at Lake Elkhorn.  The best time to take pictures of Fall trees is at daybreak and just after sunset.  The muted light really brings out the deep colors that the sunlight tends to wash out.

P.S. 1
    Just a reminder for everyone who leaves their car in isolated parking lots to hike.  Don't leave any purses or valuables in plain sight in your vehicle.  These locations are prime areas for smash and grab crimes.  Our County parks are frequently the locations for these types of crimes.Enjoy the weather but don't give these criminals an easy target.


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