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Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's beginning to look little like Christmas???


   Passing the Merriweather Post area this past week it was hard not to see the workers putting up the lights for the Symphony of Lights.   I understand that it takes a good deal of time to have the lights ready for the post Thanksgiving open.  Still seem strange in mid October with 70 degree weather to see signs of Christmas.

   Even stranger is every year seeing BJ's Wholesale Market put up Christmas merchandise soon after the schools open in September.  Again I understand that many retailers buy their Christmas merchandise from wholesalers like BJ's to resell later in their stores.
    I remember when you didn't hear Christmas songs on the radio until the day after Thanksgiving.  The crazy Black Friday sales now push a number of radio stations to start playing Christmas songs a week or two before Thanksgiving.  Somehow Thanksgiving has become just a holiday to start Christmas shopping.  Macy's and other retailers are now going to open on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the competition.  Remember when the Monday after Thanksgiving was called "Black Monday" because of Christmas shopping done online by employees returning to work and using their high speed internet connections.  Now most of us have high speed connections at home and the shopping online begins on Thanksgiving. Remember when it wasn't automatic to get the day after Thanksgiving off?  Now only employees in retail sales seem to be working that day.
     Where does this trend end?  Will we next lose Halloween?  Or how about year around Christmas.  We already have Christmas stores in many shopping centers that are open year around.  I could never get used to passing the Christmas store in Rehoboth in August in 90 degree heat. I guess Christmas and many of our other holidays (like Presidents Day) are just becoming excuses to shop.

     In another sign of changing times I still remember the excitement of the Sears "Wish Book" catalog arriving in the mail in October when I was growing up.  By the time it came time to pick out our choices for our parents to place their order in early December the pages had become "dog eared."  Ask almost anyone over 50 and I bet they have a similar memory.

P.S. 1
     A heads up to all Christians who want to wish their Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah this year it starts the day before Thanksgiving.  The last time it was this early was 1861 which was before Thanksgiving was a national holiday.  So this is the first time the two holidays coincide like this.  Maybe latkes for Thanksgiving will be common this year.  So saying Happy Holidays this year will be a Thanksgiving greeting.

From the Historical Society:


The Howard County Genealogical Society will be hosting a free help desk on the third Saturday of every month at our Archive and Research Library located on the second floor of the Miller Branch Library. This help desk is open to genealogical research in all areas of the United States, Europe and other countries. Anyone interested in genealogical research is invited to stop by and have experienced genealogists help you to "break down the brick wall" or get started on your family history. For more information call 410-480-3250."

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