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Friday, July 20, 2012

Yogi Castle: A new frozen yogurt place worth trying

     I have been driving by the Yogi Castle on McGraw Rd for the past month and just never got around to checking it out.  My feeling was if you have been to one yogurt place you have been to them all.  But was I surprised to see the different approach Yogi Castle takes to getting yogurt.
     Rather than a server getting your yogurt you get your own cup of yogurt.  This allows you to get as much or in my case as little as you want.  Sometimes you don't want a lot of yogurt.  You can also mix and match the flavors in whatever combination you want.  The flavors cover a nice range of choices.
       After choosing your yogurt you can add any of the toppings you want in whatever quantity you want.  Mixed peanut butter and chocolate yogurt with crushed butterfinger topping was my choice and it was just right.

      In addition to the store on McGraw Road in Columbia there is one in Ellicott City at 10132-H Baltimore National Pike.

     I signed up for their club membership as I see myself going there often this summer.

Artscape 2012 is in Baltimore this weekend.  Parking for this event can be difficult with some planning ahead.   Not sure why there isn't free bus transportation from Ravens Stadium.

P.S. 1
Music video this week from Elton John.

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