Tuesday, July 31, 2012

18 ways to determine if you fit the Columbia profile

       We often hear that there exists a Columbia "bubble."   Is there a profile of the typical Columbia resident?  I have come up with some of those markers of what being a Columbian is all about.  Score yourself to see where you fit in this spectrum. 

One point if you have a Choose Civility bumper sticker.
One point if you have been in a Starbucks in the last week.
One point if you have been at a Bagel Bin in the last month. Two points if you still call it the  Bagel    Shoppe.

One point for being at Lakeside Cafe this month
One point if you have been to the Apple Store in Mall
One point if you drive a foreign car. Two points for driving a hybid.

One point if you know a same sex couple
One point if you know mixed race couple
One point for attending an Interfaith Center or a non-denominational  congregation (one point for being nonreligious)
One point if you belong to an HMO
One point if you have your car radio tuned to NPR
One point if you shopped at MOMS, Roots or David's (3 points for shopping at all of these)
One point if you have had a child on a swim team, played soccer or lacrosse (3 points for all three)
One point if you have voted in a village election (3 points for running in a village election, 2 points for serving on village architectural committee)
One point if you have attended a Columbia Foundation event in the past year
One point for belonging to a book club
One point for being a college graduate (2 points for graduate or professional degree)
One point if you have moved here after 2000, two points for moving here in the 1990's, three points for moving here in the 1980's, four points for the 1970's and five points in the 1960's.

If you scored 25-31 you are a super Columbian
                      19-24 typical Columbian
                      14-18 striving to be a Columbian
                       9-13  must have only moved here because it is located between Baltimore and DC
                       0-8   you might be a better fit in Columbia, South Carolina

From the Howard County Library:
" Discovering Great Artists. Learn about the life and methods of history's greatest artists, then use their techniques to create a piece of art. Ages 6-9; 60 min. Tickets required. Aug 1 - Degas: Little Dancer 11:00 AM East Columbia Branch *Limited space; tickets available at Children's Desk 15-30 minutes before class."

 "Kindergarten Here We Come! Stories and activities to help mark that all important first day, including boarding a real school bus. For children entering Kindergarten this fall; 45-60 min. Registration required. Follow the link to find the date, time and branch most convenient for you and your child. "


Unknown said...

What, no points for tot lots, libraries, or The Mall? ;-)

I was just thinking about the Colum-bubble last week, even began a blog post about it. I'm still working on it, though.

Hoco Connect said...

I had a list of over 30 ways with which I started this blog. Some of the 30 were redundant so I edited out a visit to the Mall and a library because I liked the example of a visit to the Apple store at the Mall and the Choose Civility for a library visit. I agree I should have one about the tot lots. I look forward to reading your blog post on this topic. Let me know when you post it and I will post a link to it.

Anonymous said...

no points for attending and graduating elementary, middle, and high school. not to mention HCC.

Hoco Connect said...

You are probably right on graduating from Columbia schools. The most Columbian folks are the youth who grew up here. You might be interested in reading my blog tomorrow on a related topic.