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Friday, August 21, 2020

Will the new convention model last?

    I know that both political parties will move back to a traditional convention in the future but I hope that what has been learned in doing the conventions virtual is not completely lost.  I have found the virtual convention to be much better than the old convention model that was developed in the 19th Century.  The professionalism and themes put forward were much better than in the old model.  Even the talks being taped were so much better. Everything flowed better. The visuals of the delegates giving their votes were so much interesting than doing it from the floor of the convention.  Let's face it the entertainment quality of having everything limited to 2 hours was so much better.  Remember Bill Clinton's 1992 acceptance speech that ran 1 hour 20 minutes?  Or when he spoke so long giving the Keynote Address at the 1988 Convention that people applauded when he said, "in conclusion"?  

    So now we will see how well the Republicans can pull off a virtual convention.  Apparently, they will use the White House and Fort McHenry as backdrops.  What the Kremlin was booked?  I wonder how many people will be found to highlight Trump's character?  Maybe they can have the people he has pardoned appear to thank him.  I know they will try to show some diversity in their speakers but you only have to look at their new members of Congress to see diversity isn't sincere when it comes to the Republicans. Glad the Repubs found one white woman.  Your days as a viable party are numbered when your candidates look like a line up from Congress of 1950.