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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Can a supporter be this dumb?

    I have been signing up for emails from the Trump campaign just to see what they are sending out to their supporters asking for money.  Interestingly the emails come from a wide range of the Trump family and not just Trump.  I have not contributed any money but as the info below wants me to know that I have a very special place in his supports.  Do supporters really believe they are the only first Trump Patriot of the Week?  Do they really think Trump actually chose them personally? The deceitfulness of their money appeals shows they think their supporters are so naive that they can be fooled into making a contribution.  



After looking through all of our BEST supporters, President Trump chose YOU as the very FIRST Trump Patriot of the Week.

Your support has not gone unnoticed, Duane. You’ve truly earned this prestigious recognition.
President Trump was SO impressed by your dedication to our movement that he unlocked an EXCLUSIVE 500%-MATCH just for YOU.

Your Patriot of the Week 500%-MATCH offer is ONLY available to you for the NEXT HOUR, so act fast.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT HOUR to claim your Trump Patriot of the Week 500%-MATCH. >>

Trump Patriot of the Week


Gordon said...

That can't be right. Trump named *me* Patriot of the Week! I have the email to prove it.

Josie said...

Lol tbf the Democratic PACs do the same stuff

duanestclair said...

Josie, can you show an appeal from the Biden Campaign that does the same thing?

Nunya Trump 2020 said...