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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Why do we keep electing Republicans when they don't like governing?

      Jimmy Carter cleaning up after the Nixon scandals, Obama having to fix the economy after George W. Bush and now probably Biden cleaning up after Trump shows what happens when you have a non-governing party that is repulsed by having to use any governing actions that don't involve increasing the military budget and reducing taxes.  The Trump Administration rode a relatively problem-free 3 years that didn't require much government intervention.  Republican officials only know how to be a minority oppositional party and not a governing party.  That all changed when the pandemic developed.  We shouldn't be surprised that Trump's response was to wish the virus away when warmer weather would arrive or to say that it would magically disappear rather than use the powers he had to address the need to protect Americans from the virus and its consequences.   I know that many Republicans think this is a Democrat hoax to hurt Trump's re-election chances but how do you explain their lack of action in the face of two 9/11's every week.  The Republican party, as a nongoverning party, doesn't know how to act if there isn't a foreign enemy to attack as George W. was willing to do.  Issuing national guidelines to limit the spread of the virus or creating an effective testing program doesn't involve sending military troops or police to address a problem.
     Today we are focused on cleaning up the Trump Administration's mess with the pandemic but we should not forget the mess the Administration has left in addressing climate change.  Trump's answer to that problem is limited to extolling "clean" coal or denying the problem with a tweet every time we have a cold day in Winter.
     Let's just face the fact that electing Republicans today will mean that we as individuals are on our own when faced with a pandemic, in need of health care insurance or dealing with the impacts of climate change.  As the rest of the developed World moves on with addressing the needs of their citizens we are left with leaders from one party who prefer to stick their heads in the sand when confronted with a problem.


      Fact for today's reality:
New York City has more population than 38 states.  This translates in Senate representation to New York's residents only having 2 senators to the other states 76 senators representing the same number of people. 


edblisa said...

Maybe that's the idea? The Republicans break everything and the Dems spend the ensuing years piecing things back together instead of being able to do the job they were elected to do. Two steps forward after 3 steps back.

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