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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

8 things I don't understand

    OK so I may do things that others find unusual but recently I have been keeping a list of  things that remain a mystery to me.  Here are my list of my top 8 things.  Feel free to add to this list.

1) Men with male pattern balding who shave their heads bald.

2) Women who wear tops with their sleeves cut out.  Do they have a problem with overheating shoulders?

3)Ripped jeans.  Is this also a "ventilation" thing?
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 4) Tongue rings.  Is this a rebellious act against parents? We used to just grow our hair long in my day. It doesn't hurt as much.

  5)Women with skull tattoos with flowers.  Of course any tattoo of a skull is weird but does it soften the effect to have flowers with the skull? P.S. I am not trying to pick on women.

  6) The growth of gluten free foods.  I know that for someone with Celiac Disease gluten is a problem but for Wegman's to have 3 whole aisles of gluten free products it seems to be a much larger market than those with the disease.

 7) Bottled water.  Why pay for something that is free out of our taps.  If you have a concern about impurities in our water add a water filter.  To say nothing of creating a ton of plastics used in many of these bottles.

8) Beef jerky.  Eating dried hard pieces of beef sounds too much like carrion that a vulture would be eating as roadkill.

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The Arabic Student said...

Tongue rings, tattoos, and gluten free are cornerstones of the liberal ideology. Time to give up your Democrat card.