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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Paying for the Columbia Flyer?

   If you live in Columbia and have always received your Columbia Flyer delivered free that is about to change.  You have probably received the mailing like the one above.  It looks like a bill but reading it indicates that the bill is voluntary.  Not sure how long the free deliveries will stay in place.  I have noticed that I have been getting a digital copy of the paper each Thursday by email.  It isn't surprising that the paper and delivery is not able to be sustained by the revenue streams they have.  I remember when their classifieds were much more extensive than they are now.  I used to buy classified ads in the past but haven't for many years now.  Craigslist and other online sources are what I use now.  The digital world that we live in has caused many papers to go out of business.  I would hate to see the Flyer go this way but most of the information in the Flyer is just a repeat of what I get in the Baltimore Sun's Howard edition.


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