Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kindergarteners meet the HoCo Library


     I want to highlight another great program of our HoCo Library today.   For almost 10 years every child entering kindergarten has been bussed to their local library, given a tour and a library card.  The partnership between the Library and our School System is one major reason both receive national recognition.  I can't think of a more important factor in school achievement then to encouraging children to read.  This is especially important in families that don't have a culture of reading for enjoyment.  For most of us reading has been a life long activity that has made us who we are as adults.
      Studies have shown that a child who has fallen behind in their ability to read by 3rd grade is at a major handicap in school performance and is at a higher risk to drop out of high school.    If you have any doubt in the importance of this partnership just come out to one of the Battle of the Books events as I have had the pleasure to do the past couple of years.

    I will never use the work "birdbrained" again after watching this video.


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