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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Robinson Nature Center: Return Visit

    I returned for a second visit to the Robinson Nature Center in Hickory Ridge and was once again amazed at this local resource.  It is truly a "green" building.
 I couldn't help but notice the difference in the parking lot with a different type of surface.  It is a porous material that allows the rain water to seep through to the ground rather than running off.  I wondered how often this could be used more often in our parking lots.
     Once inside the natural world is shown in many forms.  Above shows the beautiful drawings of the seasons of the year along with examples of many types of animals.
    This exhibit allows a person to use a helicopter simulator to visit and explore many of the natural wonders of Maryland.
   After the visit inside (don't miss the planetarium shows) the outside nature trail brings you up close to the beautiful woods that surround the Nature Center.  The Center is a great place to take anyone (especially kids) to learn about our natural wonders of Howard County and Maryland.

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