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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Twelve years in on this blog---maybe a time to change

    Today marks 12 years since I have written this blog.  The average blogger I am sure quits much sooner than 12 years.  The bloggers I met when I started writing this blog stopped years ago.

     I started writing this blog to reconnect with Howard County events.  After working in the County for 26 years I had spent 10 years working outside of the County and saw this blog as an attempt to reconnect with what is happening locally.   The blog connected me in so many ways and has brought me 2 new jobs during that time.

    I thought of grouping 3 of my interests and calling the blog "Politics, Pickleball, and Pizza" but that seemed too scattered.  After some thought, I decided to increasingly focus on pizza.  Anyone who knows me knows my passion for pizza.  The perfect food except if you are trying to lose weight.  A guilty pleasure if you eat it only once a week and diet the rest of the week.

     I will focus on making the perfect pizza, unusual pizzas, and probably reviews of local pizza places even though my favorite pizzas are the ones I make. 

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