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Friday, March 31, 2023

No more waiting


     Many days during the Trump administration I would come back into the house after running and turn on Morning Joe on MSNBC and hope to see that Trump had been brought to justice for the crimes he has been committing through much of his adult life.  Needless to say every morning I was disappointed that even with the craziness he caused as President he seemed to always be given a pass for his actions.  So now we at least get to see him have to defend some of his criminal actions even if the outcome of a trial is hard to predict.

      Not surprisingly Republican elected officials have to act outraged that one of their party is now being held accountable for having sex with a porn star and paying her off to keep quiet to cover it up while running for president.   The Republican party has been so corrupted by Trump that criminal acts are explained away as a political witch hunt.  Do you really think the Democrats would be doing the same thing with one of their candidates?  They made Sen. Al Frankin resign for a picture of him reaching toward a sleeping woman as a gag.  Making someone with criminal baggage has corrupted your party in ways that we see every day (i.e. George Santos).

     So it will be interesting to see how this trial and others coming up will be held while Trump is running for President.  Will he have to spend time in a courthouse rather than be on the campaign trail? Will he not attend his trials so that he can campaign?  Will the trials be postponed until after the election?  It should be an interesting year.  And we thought Watergate was a once-in-a-lifetime event. I may have to go back to listening to Morning Joe.


       The overt racism that exists in the Republican party is displayed so often with the targeting of anyone African American but their antisemitism is currently shown with how often they reference George Soros.   This use of Soros is code for their antisemitism

P.S. 1

Next Tuesday??? Trump's version of a "Bronco chase."

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