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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

I will answer Sen. Cruz's question


    We knew that Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee would pose questions that had more to do with winning conservative votes if they decide to run for President in 2024 but Sen.Ted Cruz took this approach to a new level of racism yesterday.  His question had nothing to do with whether Judge Jackson was qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice and his question came with visual props.  Here is his question and Judge Jackson's response.  We see her pause before she answers and here is what I assume is going through her mind and wondering if she should say this, "Senator Cruz would you ask this question if I was white?" Or maybe "Senator maybe as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee you should spend more time reading law books than children's books."  She was polite enough not to take him down as he deserved to be.  This is what happens when white racists Democrats fled to the Republican Party when Lyndon Johnson got civil rights legislation passed in the 1960s.  Not all Republicans are racists but if you are racist you are probably a Republican.


     As a black woman trying to become a Supreme Court Justice, you have to be more careful in seeming to be confrontational than if you are a white man.  Here is the proof.

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