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Friday, January 7, 2022

False equivalency

   Yesterday I watched a variety of Fox News programs to see how they would explain what happened last year on January 6th.  How do you explain the most violent attempt to overthrow our government in our history?  Even at the start of the Civil War, no one attacked the Capitol.  What I heard many times on Fox yesterday was that the attack on the Capitol was no worse than the attack by elements of Antifa and other looters in many cities.  They replayed the smash and grab mobs that hit stores before Christmas as if they existed because of Democrat policies of decriminalizing the police.  While only a narrow group of liberal groups mistakenly promoted this misnamed policy, Fox portrayed it as a policy broadly supported by Democrats.   Most Democrats have promoted police reform that is geared to more community policing and less militarization of police forces.  If you look at the pictures of both types of violence you might notice that none of the criminals looting stores carried Biden flags as was the case with the Trump rioters.

    It is a stretch to equate common robbery with an attempt to overthrow a government.  But that is all they had to explain the events of January 6th.  The coup in 2024 will not use the failed attempt of 2020 but will use Trump-supported Republican state officials to do in 2024 what they didn't do in 2020.  Look for the mobs showing up at state capitols in 2 years.  They will be able to carry guns in many of those capitals.


    The other theme that was projected on Fox yesterday was making Ashley Babbit into a martyr and Kyle Rittenhouse into a national hero.  The party of Lincoln has fallen to this.

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