Thursday, October 31, 2019

A future solution to California's power failures

      We have recently seen how California's outdated utility provider PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) has had to shut down much of its power to customers in Northern California because of the possibility of their power lines starting a wildfire.  One of my relatives went 3 days without power.  Schools closed. Gas stations couldn't pump gas.  Food spoiled. Businesses lost millions.
       When you realize that much of our power supply hasn't changed much in the past 100 years and is dependent on generating power in a concentrated form and then having to transmit it over a large area you can see that it might not be sustainable in the future with the old technology and equipment.  At some point, the old technology breaks down in its efforts to supply enough power in our modern world.  Our power needs have far surpassed the technology that was created to only supply electricity to our lights.
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         So where is the future in our power supply?   You might look to your backyard.   You probably aren't aware that technology is developing that can create "mini-grids" and even "nano-grids."  With the technology in energy production moving from large power plants to smaller generating options you might one day have your own power plant in your backyard.  The technology in batteries and other small scale power generating sources is getting close to creating enough power to supply the electrical needs of individual homes.  Just like we now have cut landlines for our phones, we may one day be able to cut the cord to power lines.  Just be aware that chemists and physicists are now working on breakthrough technology that may create a new dynamic in power creation in our lifetimes.  At some point, cheap clean, electrical power won't come from a coal, gas, nuclear, dam or wind power source but from your very own nano power plant in your backyard.   And it won't come fast enough for California.

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