Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Candidate with the "Oprah" factor plus political experience

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    As the Democrat Presidential candidates sort themselves out in the next year the person to watch is Stacy Abrams.  Joe Biden has already met with her to discuss "who knows what" but I wouldn't be surprised he was trying to get to know her better to determine whether she would be his ideal running mate.  What Stacy brings to any Democrat ticket is what I call the "Oprah" factor.  She transcends race and gender making her attractive to most demographic groups.  To any of the non- minority male candidate, she brings in enthusiasm from women and African American voters that any Democrat would need to win in the general election.


LisaM said...

Old man Biden has got to go. He is an old fashioned corporate Democrat trying to hold onto some political clout. It should be the other way around......Stacy should be interviewing Biden to see if he would be an appropriate VP if she puts her foot in the race.

duanestclair said...

I agree that Stacy Abrams would make a good choice for the top of the ticket. What Biden might bring to the ticket is what Nancy Pelosi brings to the Democrats--knowing how to get things done in DC. It is nice to have a dynamic candidate that excites Democrats but I would prefer the best candidate to move the progressive agenda into progressive passed laws.