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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Outdated storm control measures lead to erosion

   When Columbia was being developed the rain runoff from parking lots was channeled into storm drains that feed into local streams.  Often the streams were not able to handle the amount of storm runoff water.  Below is a picture of how much the streams have had erosion of their banks.  This stream bank is off the path that runs parallel to Dobbin Road.  The stream bank is almost 5 feet high.  Placing large rocks in the stream path to slow down the speed of water have proven inadequate.

Below is of the storm drains that appears to be clogged and creating addition overflow problems.

One of the consequences of the erosion is that trees along the stream have their roots exposed and in some cases leads to the trees being blown over in wind storms.

Recently there has been an extensive remediation effort up stream to slow the speed of the storm runoff water before it reaches the area in the previous pictures.

Newer requirements for storm runoff with new commercial development require the use of rain gardens to reduce storm runoff from parking lots.  Below we see this in the parking area of the Whole Foods store in Town Center.


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