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Sunday, January 21, 2018

This is one time (and only one) you wished you lived in a more "red" community

   Guess what book has 404 people waiting to borrow it at the Howard County Library?  You guessed it---Fire and Fury, one year in the Trump White House.  The Library knew ahead of time of the book's popularity so they have 75 copies on order.  The good news is that many people will read this book in one read so there should be a quick return of the book back to the Library.  Something in the book to be a sleuth about is that near the end of the book if you read between the lines you might be able to figure out who Trump is still having an affair with.


Anonymous said...

Why do post innuendo and then not allow critical comments? Are you that much of a pussy? Are you upset that Trump is an alpha dog and you’re a beta lapdog?

duanestclair said...

I am posting this comment to the person who only has the courage to post negative insulting comments anonymously. I don't post comments unless you are willing to post with your name attached. I have will always post negative comments if you attach your name. I attach my name to all my posts so I don't even know what a beta dog is. Anonymous comments go in the trash.