Sunday, January 7, 2018

It won't be a quiet year in Annapolis

 The Baltimore Sun had an article in today's paper outlining some of the areas that will be addressed in the upcoming session of the legislature this year.   The Trump agenda has put our Republican governor in a position where he has to look at the political consequences of running for reelection by having to oppose many of the positions Republicans have taken at the federal level.  Topping the list is how to fund healthcare for Marylanders and how to mitigate the tax increase caused by the tax bill passed in Congress.
     How far the governor is willing to go may impact his popularity in progressive Maryland and give the Democrats hope for making a real race in this year's election.  At present the Democrats that have announced for governor don't include any strong statewide candidates but that could change moving closer to the election.  Anger among Democrats at the Trump administration should bring out a large turnout of Democrat voters in 2018.  If enough decide to vote a straight Democratic ticket it may make a tight race in the governor's race even with a popular Republican governor.

     Did Hillary win the election and I missed it?

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