Monday, October 23, 2017

Missed that great performer before they died? Now you have another chance

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     Bringing someone back from the dead now it possible using a hologram.  A hologram is a 3D laser image that when projected can give a likeness of any person taken from a picture or video.  For famous dead performers this can give a simulated concert using this technology.  While the image is not exactly like seeing a real performer the technology is getting closer to that reality.  The poster above is for a hologram tour with Roy Orbison in England.  Look for tours with an Elvis hologram or a Michael Jackson hologram down the road.  

     For one of the great performances of any entertainer click to watch the Orbison performance of  Uptown in the Black and White Night performance       How many other famous performers can you notice in this performance?  Here is the list.    

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