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Sunday, August 27, 2017

How do you define Southern heritage?

    This past week we have been told that the battle over Confederate monuments is not about race and slavery but Southern heritage.  So what exactly is the "heritage" that opponents of the monuments are honoring?  I can understand a Southern heritage that relates to Southern cooking, a regional dialect, politeness and hospitality.  Even a Northeastern liberal like myself can appreciate the value of the Southern slower pace of life.  What I would question is the use of the Confederate flag and war monuments that represent the defense of a heritage that had human bondage and brutality as a daily reality.   While an exact number can never be known exactly the existence of slavery in the United States undoubtedly resulted in the death of  hundreds of thousands or even millions of slaves.  The symbolism of the Stars and Bars Confederate flag is no different than the Nazi flag representing the deaths of millions of people.  It is no coincidence that both flag get carried side by side in these protests.  Both represent oppression and death.

So I have no problem with Southern heritage being represented by this

But not this

    Trump's election and his subtle and sometimes overt support  for those with racial bias and hatred only shows how immoral he can be in achieving his goals.  It makes me think of a Bible verse. " For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"  Karma Donald, karma.

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edblisa said...

Yes, Mike Pence did win. He will soon be President as this was all planned in the beginning. Trump is just the distractor with his tweets and will resign soon. It's Pence who is doing the dirty work behind close doors....and it's scary!