Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Foreign-born Information and Referral Network looking for support for families at Thanksgiving


   Unfortunately the immigration issue has become a divisive political issue.  Our Country's image of being a welcoming place has been corroded by the fear of terrorism.  At this Thanksgiving time especially it is important to remember that immigrants are a valuable ingredient in making our Country rich and diverse.  The desire of others from around the globe wanting to come here to better their lives and the lives of their families should be a source of pride for all of us.  In that spirit you can sponsor an immigrant family in Howard County through the FIRN organization.  Here is the information they sent me:

"FIRN (Foreign-born Information and Referral Network) is looking for individuals and organizations to help support families in need this Thanksgiving and holiday season. (See flyer attached)

Almost 100 families in Howard County apply for this program and we need your help! A simple gift can really make a difference."

Contact information:
Kristin Lilly


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