Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow plow tracker site taken down

   The inaccuracy of the tracker site has forced the County to take the site down.  The size of the storm and the drifting has made the site unreliable for determining streets that are plowed.  The County hopes to have the cul-de-sacs plowed by end of tomorrow.  Here is the information on the tracker:


Due to a large number of calls and emails regarding the inaccuracy of the snow plow tracker service, I have decided to take down the service to eliminate further confusion. Howard County’s snow plow tracker, which has been used by the county for many years, is a service provided and maintained by a third-party vendor. Because of the severity of the storm, including high winds, drifting snow and an historic record snowfall, the service was not providing accurate information. Although we had contacted the vendor, we did not see an improvement. They advised us that they cannot guarantee the accuracy of the site because of the duration and severity of the storm. In order to avoid further confusion and misinformation moving forward, I believe it is best to discontinue this service.

Please be assured we use several processes and applications internally to manage our storm recovery and track streets that need to be cleared. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this service has caused.

A reminder that to report snow removal problems, call our Citizen Information Hotline at 410-313-2900."


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