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Friday, June 23, 2023

Will the dominoes fall this way in the 2024 election?


        With the admission by Trump this past week that he obstructed justice in the documents case, I see some possible changes in how the election next year could play out.  As Trump faces the real possibility of having to accept a plea deal or be convicted of the charges, his likelihood of the Republican nominee decreases.  If he is not going to be the nominee who would the Republicans turn to?  Suppose they roll the dice and put up a woman like Nikki Haley to attract back suburban women.  With Trump out of the picture, what would the Democrats do?  The pressure on Biden to drop out with Trump out of the picture would increase.  With the Republicans likely to nominate a woman the Democrats might also nominate a woman so they wouldn't lose the suburban woman vote.  The most likely candidate would be Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.   A Haley/Whitmer race would guarantee that we will have our first woman President.  2024 might be a very interesting year if the dominoes fall in this way.

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