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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Is it time for Columbia to join Rockville and Annapolis to be an incorporated city?

     The situation this past week that had the CA President resigning after a dispute with the CA Board has once again led to a discussion of whether Columbia would be better off becoming an incorporated city like Rockville and Annapolis.  Columbia has a population that is more than double Annapolis and 50% more than Rockville.   Columbia has changed the nature of what Howard County is as a county.  Columbia has changed Howard County from a rural county to the 6th most populated county in Maryland.  Rouse certainly didn't plan for Columbia to be a suburb but a city.  While we still have a mixed suburban/city feel we will always have the potential to have the attributes of a city.  

    Our present Columbia Association providing many of the services of a city may need to be revised for our current size.  Mayors and city councils don't always agree but their relationship as duly elected officials is different relationship that of the President of CA and the CA Board. It may be time that we elected a mayor rather than the CA Board hiring a CA President.

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