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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Fox News, i.e. Russian TV, response to Zelinsky's appearance before Congress


  I had to check out Tucker Carlson's response to Zelinsky's speech to see how he would give the Russian response to the speech.  If you haven't been following Tucker you may not be aware of how the Russians have been replaying his show to support their efforts in Ukraine.  Tucker has a long history of favoring dictators like Putin over democratically elected leaders.  It may not be clear how a conservative American TV network has become a vehicle for Russian propaganda.  Remember when conservatives were the most anti-Russian zealots?  Is the only way for conservatives to remain in control as the population demographics work against them is to turn into an anti-democratic authoritarian political group?  Maybe the January 6th assault on the Capitol should have shown that is where a significant part of our population is today.  Tucker is playing to that base in his show.  


     Let's not forget how Trump was willing to believe Putin over his own advisors.  Or how he got impeached for trying to trade American arms for dirt on a political rival.  Could we imagine how our support for Ukraine would be if Trump was still President?

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