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Monday, November 7, 2022

Pandemic fatigue


     As we approach the 4th year of the COVID pandemic (or whatever it is now) it is time to admit that it has moved into the background of our life.  I have stopped checking the daily numbers of people infected and the daily death count.  Since I have had ALL the recommended boosters I have stopped wearing a mask when I go into public places.  While I still hear of people with bad cases of the latest strain of COVID I no longer feel that I want to restrict my life in the ways that I did when we thought it would run its course in a limited amount of time.  COVID is now just one of the risks we live with every day like driving a car or having our identity stolen.  While we try to avoid the dangers of daily life we don't restrict our daily activities because of the dangers.

     The new reality is that humans have moved into other animal habitats that now bring the likely animal-to-human transmission of the viruses more likely.  Science will hopefully develop methods to address this reality so that it doesn't create another pandemic every few years.  I just wouldn't bet against the viruses.

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