Tuesday, May 24, 2022

America today: May means school graduations and school shootings


    This past weekend I was talking to someone about how this time of year seems to be a time for school shootings and I was wondering if it would happen again this year.  I didn't have to wait too long for this to occur.  Today we have all seen once again how killing young school children is just the price we pay so that few restrictions are placed on an American's right to own a weapon that can quickly kill quickly.  Thanks to the NRA and Republicans America has never outgrown the Wild West when it comes to guns.

    I couldn't help thinking while watching Gov. Abbott in Texas today talking about the horror of the school shooting and remembering his words as he signed laws making gun rights in Texas and making the state a gun sanctuary state.  Not sure what the message he will convey to the parents of the children killed today when he meets with them.  Maybe he will say "we grieve for your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you but it should be a comfort to you that living in Texas the 2nd Amendment means more than your child's life." I would hope that as he talks with the parents he would not be smiling as he was in the picture above.

    As we hear all the actions that would prevent this situation from happening again are meaningless unless they stop the sale of semi-automatic weapons to regular citizens.  Background checks, mental health treatments, police resource officers in schools, and red flag measures are useful but nothing will stop these mass killings unless weapons that can kill multiple people quickly are made illegal.  Don't hold your breath for that to happen in America.


     I hope none of the children's funerals create a scheduling conflict for Gov. Abbott when he is scheduled to be at the Annual NRA Convention in Texas this Friday.

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