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Monday, May 17, 2021

Howard County leads the state in getting our residents vaccinated

    So 62% of residents of Howard County 16+ fully vaccinated and 77% have at least one shot we lead the state of Maryland in getting our residents vaccinated.  We have a shot at getting to the 70% level with fully vaccinated by July 4th, especially now that kids as young as 12 can get vaccinated.  Being a liberal community that recognizes a social responsibility to others in our community again works to our benefit.  Our situation is contrasted with rural, conservative areas of our state like Somerset and Cecil that have the lowest rate of residents fully vaccinated.   Trumpism and a lack of social responsibility continue to put people at risk of illness and death.  Can you imagine where this country would be today with Trump still as our President and his attitude of "everyone is on your own" philosophy?


     Once again we have Jim Rouse to thank for creating the great community that we have.  We would not be where we are without the qualities that attracted socially responsible liberals to our County.


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