Sunday, June 9, 2019

The plastic controversy moves to Howard County

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     On a recent visit to the Florida Keys, I noticed that all the straws were the old fashion paper straws instead of the plastic ones we now have.  Plastic may have been the wave of the future at one time but it is now seen as an environmental hazard.  Australia cut its plastic waste by 80% in just 3 months.  Many recycling centers are now losing money because China has stopped buying our plasticsLocally a bill has been passed in the Maryland General Assembly to give permission for the Howard County Council to impose a fee on the use of plastic bags.  Now it is the time to let your Council member know you support this fee being imposed.



edblisa said...

The bag fees DO NOT deter anyone from using plastic bags and the fees DO NOT go for efforts to save the environment. This plastic bag legislation is being introduced into all county governments by ALEC. This really just keeps money pumping into the fossil fuel industries that are heavily polluting our environment.

duanestclair said...

Maybe a better way to address the plastic waste problem is to have biodegradable bags. I have started noticing those types of bags in stores like Trader Joe's.