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Friday, November 16, 2018

The caravan you haven't been hearing about

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       With all the pre-election talk about the caravan of migrants from Central America we are soon to have a second caravan of travelers from another direction.  If you travel Interstate 95 in a couple of weeks you will notice all the Canadian license plates from Quebec and Ontario headed South to warmer climates.  This annual Northern migration has not received the attention of that the Southern migration received but its impact on our economy is greater than any migration of immigrants from the South. The past few years has taken us to Florida for a few Winter weeks and it seems that the people we meet in our pickleball matches are from the friendly confines of Canada.  Last year the Canadians were a little hesitant to bring up the topic of our new Administration as they were not sure of our political leanings.  Once it was determined that we were as mystified as they were on what was happening in our Country they asked how long we felt the Trump Administration would last and how could our Country has so many supporters of a person who lies and bullies others so often.  For mild mannered Canadians they couldn't understand how we could be so different.  They seemed reassured some when I pointed out that Trump could only win because of our crazy Electoral College that made him the winner even though he got almost 3 million less votes than Clinton.  Three million votes in Canada is a lot of votes.  I pointed out that if some of the Canadian transplants would just switch there citizenship to the US and become Florida voters we might have a chance of becoming more civilized as a country like Canada.

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