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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#One Howard Meeting tonight

  Tonight at the North Laurel Community Center the second meeting of the #OneHoward group will meet.  Here is the information from the group:

"#OneHoward Community Dialogues are small group facilitated conversations designed to help us better communicate with one another. To be a community known for civility and inclusiveness, we must first seek to understand and empathize with one another. We are often hindered because we make assumptions based on our own beliefs.

What experiences shape our feelings and thoughts?

How can we examine our values and beliefs?

Where did we learn our assumptions?

These questions are important to ask, but they often go unexplored, creating a foundation for fear or misunderstanding. Engaging in small group facilitated dialogues can begin the process of building meaningful relationships and an inclusive community.

#OneHoward is partnering with the Columbia Association and the Howard County Library System to organize dialogues throughout our County in different formats. Columbia Dialogues, hosted by the Columbia Association, are a 9-hour commitment (three sessions, three hours in duration each). For more information, click here: The Howard County Library System hosts Community Dialogue Circles that are one-hour commitments. For more information, click here:

How do the #OneHoward dialogues work?

Groups will be comprised of no more than 15 participants from diverse backgrounds and 2 trained facilitators.

Groups will generally run for 2-3 hours.

Group topics can touch upon difficult or divisive subjects such as race, religion, immigration, gender/power dynamics, sexuality, and other current issues.

Participants must register for dialogues, and will receive confirmation by email or phone.

Because we are trying to ensure groups are as diverse as possible and have a small group feel, participants will be placed into groups based on demographics and capacity (no more than 15 people per dialogue group). Registrants may be asked to participate in future dialogues, but will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis to the extent possible."


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