Tuesday, February 28, 2017

5 year blogging retrospective

     With the end of February I have been blogging for 5 years.  That makes me one of the most senior bloggers in Howard County.  I have posted close to 1700 times.  When I started blogging I wanted to re-engage with Howard County after having worked outside of Howard County for 11 years.  The blog has certainly done that more than I could have known.  It has connected me with so many interesting residents of our County.  Howard County is such a dynamic and thriving community.  I hope I have shared information in ways that informed readers about our community and the broader world in which we live.
     I started this blog to have a non political focus but that has been a challenge over the past year or two.  The current Administration and the Republican Congress have taken positions that I find reprehensible to my beliefs of what this Country should represent to the world.  This Administration's drift in an authoritarian direction horrifies me. Trump has so many disgusting qualities that it is hard to believe he could ever be seen a choice to lead this County.  Having said this I will try to keep a local focus to my posts (if I can do that!)
     You may have noticed that I post less frequently than I have in past years.   Last year I posted 127 less times than I did in 2012.  I wouldn't be surprised that the trend will continue.  It seems that every year of my retirement gets busier and I find less time to blog.  Plus every year I resolve to read more and this year is no exception.
     I really do enjoy and appreciate comments to my posts.  Even the negative comments!  So I encourage readers to post comments.


The Arabic Student said...

Thanks for your sustained effort. I know how hard it is to keep up posting regularly for this long. Your posts on the happenings around Howard county are really informative and I always learn something here.

bosoxbrent said...

Thanks for continuing to blog Duane. I usually only get to your blog about once a week, but I always enjoy your information and commentary. Here's to another 5 years. Cheers!