Thursday, January 5, 2017

The rest of the story


     Today's blog post probably won't resonate with anyone under 60.   Growing up in the 1950's I would have lunch with my parents.  I would walk home from school for lunch (can't imagine kids doing this today) and joining my parents who worked across the street so they could also come home for lunch.  What I remember about those family lunches was listening to the Paul Harvey radio broadcast.  They always started out from Chicago with Paul Harvey saying "Hello America."   This was still a time when we received much of our news from newspapers and the radio.  The nightly news was just 15 minutes long and there was no 24 hour news cycle.
    Paul would always end his 30 minute show with a segment called "The Rest of the Story" about some little known background story to something more well known.  The stories typified America of the 1950's, middle America, conservative and religious.  His folksy manner fit perfectly for the times.  With You Tube you can still listen to many of his broadcasts.
      What reminded me of the old Paul Harvey broadcasts was the podcasts from Mike Rowe called "The Way I Heard It."   You probably know Mike Rowe from the commercials he makes or the show "Dirty Jobs."  Like the Paul Harvey broadcast these short 5 minute podcasts give us the background stories that are very entertaining.  I learned about his podcasts from his Facebook post where he reads an email from his Mom that went viral.   It is laugh out loud funny.

      A little trivia about Mike Rowe was that he was born and raised in Baltimore and got his start in TV commercials here.

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Carl D Jones said...

While Mike Rowe is no Paul Harvey (no offense Mike) he is a great story teller and deserves more fame.