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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blackwater Wildlife Refuge and Hoopers Island Bike

    Last week a group of cyclists joined me on a 24 mile loop course at the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge.

       Blackwater is one of my favorite Maryland rides.  The scenery is unlike any other place in Maryland.

     The Bald Eagles are numerous in Blackwater.  Cranes and geese are everywhere

   This protected marshland is a habitat important for migrating water fowl every year.

      The rising salt levels caused by rising ocean levels is causing some of the trees to die.  The branches are useful for eagles and hawks to use as perches and nests.

   A second day ride followed a route from one end of Hooper's Island to the other end.  About 18 miles.   An impending thunderstorm caused us to shorten this ride by a few miles.

    We started at the Tyler's Cove public boat dock right before the bridge over to Hoopers.

     Above is an aerial view of the road along Hoopers.  Great views of the Bay.

    Water on both sides of the road.

    Old Salty's on Hoopers is the only place to get a seafood meal on Hoopers.

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