Friday, May 1, 2015

Columbia as caffeine central

       It never fails to amaze me how Starbucks has revolutionized how we start our mornings.  For many of our fellow community members a weekday can't begin without a trip to a local Starbucks for a jolt of caffeine.   The line of cars going through the drive thru at the Dobbin Road Starbucks is just one sign of this need.  The picture above doesn't even capture the entire line of cars waiting to go through the drive thru.  I counted 14 cars in line that extended back to the Wendys.  Just for curiosity sake I timed the amount of time it took from getting in line until you received your drink.  Thirteen and a half minutes or about one minute per car.

    From CA:

"The 2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts will take 
place May 23 through 30 and is in need of volunteers
 in the following locations:
       Columbia Gateway, Jackson Pond, Downtown Columbia, 
Lake Elkhorn, Lake Kittamaqundi, Wilde Lake Park  and the 
southern terminus of Tamar Drive. We would appreciate you
r help. Volunteers will make a 2 hour commitment.

     The purpose of this effort is similar to that of an automobile
 traffic count. Gauging pathway usage will show which areas 
of CA’s pathway network are the most popular and/or congested. 
In turn, knowing how certain sections of pathways are used will help CA staff to
 determine what improvements could be made to make the
 experience of those on CA’s pathways even more enjoyable
 — and whether past improvements have had an impact."

Register here.


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Christiana said...

For the life of me, I cannot understand why we only have one starbucks drive-thru in Columbia.

My daughter often takes a nap in her car seat, and I try to link that with going to the drive-thru for coffee. Instead of the alternative stopping, taking toddler out of car seat, waiting in line, getting coffee, holding hot coffee and wiggly toddler on the way back to car, and putting her back in her much hated car seat. I also see people with dogs in their car not wanting to leave their pets, and having to use the drive-thru as well. If I'm kid free--it's so much easier to run inside.

It's a shame there isn't a way to make the snowden river location a drive-thru, or take a former bank/atm location in a village center and retro fit it.