Saturday, May 3, 2014

Eat your veggies and fruits at the same time

     If you have followed this blog you know that I have frequently experimented with pancakes and french toast.  During the week I try to stay low carb with no fat yogurt and fruit or scrambled egg whites but on the weekends I go carb crazy with pancakes, french toast and pizza.  But I still try to keep some healthy aspects to my carbs.  Ever since reading Jessica Steinfeld's book on tricking your kids into eating good food by hiding it other foods they like I have tried to use her approach.  One of her tricks is to use foods of the same color to blend in with the foods kids like.  So mashing cauliflower into mac and cheese or carrots into hamburgers is her approach.  This past weekend I added pureed carrot and apricots to the beaten eggs for my french toast.

   In addition to making the french toast attractive it added sweetness to the dish in a healthier way than pouring syrup on the french toast.  

    I have to admit that I spread some orange marmalade on the toast.  It was a hit at our house!


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