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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Healthy Columbia lakes

   I have blogged before about efforts to make our town's lakes healthy and overcome the silt build up that comes with uncontrolled storm runoff.  Much of the discussion of the new "rain tax" has been focused on the Chesapeake Bay but our town lakes will also benefit from less storm runoff.   We can see efforts to reduce the runoff all over Columbia.

     Rain gardens like the new one above in Owen Brown near Lake Elkhorn are one example.

Storm ponds like the one being rebuilt in Owen Brown are important in controlling the flow of rain water runoff.  Many of these storm ponds were designed to be temporary while new homes were being built nearby.  Because of that materials were not used that could last many years.  This pond has been in place for over 30 years and the metal pipes that were originally used are now being replaced with concrete ones that are designed to last longer.

Going by Jackson Pond in Long Reach pictured above you would never realize that this was also designed as a temporary storm pond.  It is now an attractive feature to this community. 


   Homeowners can be part of the solution by having rain gardens installed on their yards.


   The lack of rain and no movement of water flow has created a green slime to develop on Lake Elkhorn.  

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