Friday, July 19, 2013

Grocery store must haves

    The reason I shop for groceries at so many different stores is that I have so many favorites at each store.  I thought I would share some of my favorites from some of the stores at which I shop.

   I was never a fan of Red Lobster the couple of times I have been there but I do remember the cheddar bay biscuits.  These were almost worth a visit to the place inspite of the mediocre seafood.  Now thanks to Sam's Club you can taste these biscuits without having to make a trip to the restaurant.  Beware they are addictive and you will probably find people asking if there are anymore after the last one goes at dinner.  Be sure not to make too few as no one eats just one.

   These Spanish tortas from Wegman's have become my favorite sweet treat with coffee every morning.

   I have replaced the use of sour cream with the Skotidakis Greek Jalapeno Yogurt Dip from Costco.

      Lychees are Asian fruit that has fast become my favorite fruit.  Occasionally you can find the fruit in the fresh fruit sections of Asian markets like Lotto in Catonsville but the canned fruit above are just as good and no need to peel the skin off the fruit.  I usually rinse the fruit since it is packed in syrup to obtain a more natural fruit flavor.

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