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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gangs in Howard County?

    I have thought about this blog for some time.  Normally I am looking for information that highlights the wonderful aspects of our community.  After all we have chosen to live in this community because it has so many good features.  Close to DC and Baltimore.  Wonderful schools.  Diverse population.  Just about any type of restaurant you could want.  The hesitation I had in doing this blog is that it may be perceived as portraying Howard County as an unsafe place which I don't personally feel.  But I would be naive if I didn't recognize the signs of gangs in our community.
       Recent articles in the Columbia Patch have mentioned the existence of these gangs.  The pictures in this blog are from areas in which I run.
       I am no expert on gang tagging symbols but the pictures seem to bare the markings of tagging from gangs.

   Blog party tonight Tuesday, Feb 26th, from 5:30 - 7:30 at Union Jack's Columbia.  This is a fun way for bloggers and blog readers to meet and enjoy some good conversation.

P.S. 1
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      This delightfully entertaining ice skating show features almost 90 performers ranging in age from 3 through adult and includes many advanced-level skaters who have competed in regional-and national-level competitions. Convenient to both Washington and Baltimore, this show is a special event for families and people of all ages. Come Fly with Mickey is sanctioned by US Figure Skating.
     For tickets and more information, please visit the Club’s website:"

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