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Friday, August 1, 2014

Anyone for fried baby octopus?

   One of the delicacies I remember eating in Italy was the fried baby octopus in mixed seafood dishes.  It tasted like calamari only better.  When I found it frozen at the Great Wall Supermarket in Catonsville last week I thought I would give it a try.

After watching a couple of You Tube videos on how to fry baby octopus I decided to use a mixture of cornmeal and flour for the coating.

   The mixture seemed to work well as most of the coating stayed on the octopus during the frying process.
The results taste wise was mixed.  A little too chewy for my taste. Frozen seafood is never as good as fresh and the octopus in Italy was fresh.

    The sauteed pot stickers with soy sauce came out much better.

    I won't tell you the reaction of my family when they came to the table for our "surprise" seafood dinner!  One even asked if they were baby fetuses. So much for exposing my family to new ethnic dishes.


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Anonymous said...

No disrespect, but I've read that frozen octopus cook up more tender than fresh. just sayin...