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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams RIP


     Notice of the tragic death of another celebrity seems to be an all too frequent occurrence.   From Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson we see the other side of celebrity.  With Robin Williams there was a humanity to his persona that makes his sudden death all the more distressing.   Having seen him in live performance a few times I can say that his humor, as raunchy as it could be at times, was so powerful that even the most conservative of people in the audience couldn't help but laugh at his manic comedy.  His range of acting was something that set him apart from any other actor I can think of.  I thought I would link to two clips from his movies that show this range.  My two favorite Robin Williams movies are "Good Morning Vietnam" and "Dead Poet Society."  The last scene in the clip on Good Morning Vietnam was Robin ad libbing with some of the movie extras and the director like it so much he put it in the movie.

      Depression and mental illness can be challenging for anyone or any family.  NAMI Howard County has a list of resources available in Howard County.

 I want to pass some information about one of the organizations receiving funds from the shows this year--Prepare for Success. This organization operates through the Community Action Council and provides school supplies to Howard County students who need assistance in having the necessary school supplies.
As their website states:
   "Since 2002, PFS has equipped over 26,000 HCPSS elementary, middle and high school students with backpacks filled with essential school supplies, plus hundreds of loose supplies distributed throughout year.
     "Learning is challenging under the best of circumstances. By providing children the supplies their families cannot afford, you remove the disadvantage of their not having what they need to learn and of not fitting in with their classmates. You remove their anxiety of being a burden to their family. You help them prepare to succeed – in school and in life." --a HCPSS Pupil Personnel Worker"

   A $25 donation provides supplies to one student.
TO DONATE (via Community Action Council) CLICK HERE

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