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Friday, August 29, 2014

Find Columbia cash

    A couple of months ago a person stared leaving cash in various locations in San Francisco and then tweeting clues to the location.  The response was overwhelming and the person moved on to leaving cash in Los Angeles.   The person moved to New York and even Baltimore.  I doubted that Columbia would be a location for this type of search.  I sounded like fun so I thought "why don't I try it in Columbia."  I thought it might be a way to encourage folks to get out this nice holiday weekend and enjoy the weather.  I am not willing to put out a couple hundred of dollars as was the case in the above mentioned examples but I could probably start the fun with $40.

   Above  is the container you are looking for.  If you find it take a picture and email it to me at my email address listed above.  Tell me what you will use the money for.  I will also be tweeting clues to #hococonnect
    Here are the first clues.   The container is around the path of the lake that Jim Rouse's house is on. Head west from the bench honoring Jim Rouse.  The container is 4 feet above the ground attached to a tree.  Look all around the tree.  Next clues tomorrow.


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