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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Columbia Whole Foods: A first look

      Yesterday saw the long awaited opening of the Whole Foods store in Columbia.  The parking for store opening was like trying to park at the Mall in December or on any weekend night.

     The crowd was large and Whole Foods was ready to put on a show.

Vendors provided food before you even got into the door

Naturally the first area you encounter are the fresh fruits and vegetables

For those looking for a quick carry out lunch the counters were full of selections.  Not sure how the marinated lemons work.

Fresh hand made pasta of all types was available

For meat lovers the selection of beef, pork and chicken was plentiful.  Much of it was advertised as organic.

The seafood selection was extensive but on the high price side.

 What would an upscale market be without a large selection of vinegar and olive oils?

Bulk selection of grains were plentiful

For those who have not tried Whole Food selections of coffee you are in for a treat.  Almost as good as Bun Penny used to be.

Whole Foods is sure to be the choice for those looking to pick up a quick lunch with many choices available. 

How about a soda fountain with all types of drinks.

Never go by the pastry area on an empty stomach.

Again, you knew there would be a large selection of high end cheeses.

My personal choice for a favorite Whole Foods item is the Senor Fields salsa.  I have gone out of my way to visit the Whole Foods stores in Annapolis and Silver Spring to get this salsa.  A quart jar for $5 is a steal. 

Now for the cost disclaimer on the prices at Whole Foods or as it is mockingly called "whole check."  Cento San Marzano tomatoes are much cheaper at Costco.  This is the only type I use on my pizzas.

The lunch time entertainment at the Lake Front was nice.  

Seemed appropriate that all of yesterday's activities were close to the statues of Jim Rouse and his brother.  He would have enjoyed yesterday's development.

    I could eat pizza everyday.  Last week I posted a blog on the Chicago Pizza tour.  A couple of readers indicated they would be interested in visiting some of our local pizza establishments to explore which are the best.  If anyone might be interested in trying out some pizza, once in a while, around our area email at the address at the top of the blog.  Something like a Howard County Pizza Club.



Kirsten Coombs said...

Didn't the sign above the cafe say specifically "Wood-fired pizza?"

duanestclair said...

I might have to look at the sign again but I saw wood fired chicken on the sign.