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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ravens in Annapolis

     With our great Summer weather yesterday I decided to check out the Ravens practice at the Naval Academy Stadium in Annapolis.
     The set up for the practice was designed to give the fans attending a good chance to see the changes in the Ravens offense with the schemes that Gary Kubiak has brought to the team.  The picture above shows the shorter 3 step drop back from Joe Flacco that will be featured a great deal this year to cut down on the sacks.  Below is the type of drop backs with which we are more familiar.

   Of course a lot of attention was paid to Ray Rice.  Seems like the Raven fans are still supportive of him because every time he touched the ball the crowd cheered.  It is amazing to see how small Ray Rice is next to his large teammates.

     The set up with the public practices being in stadiums with announcers telling what was happening did make the event more enjoyable.  And the traffic getting to the stadium was not a problem at all. I might make this an annual event if the Ravens keep it in the future.

    One funny thing that happened last night was when I sent a pic with an email to a family member and Gmail auto corrected Flacco to flaccid!  Didn't notice it until after I sent it.

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