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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Conflict in Gaza fought out on my Facebook page

     I have been surprised by the Gaza conflict showing up on my Facebook page with opposing posts, like the one above, by my Jewish Facebook friends. I have also had posts from my Facebook friends of Arabic descent asking why we are horrified by the shooting down of the Malaysian jet but support a county that kills innocent Arab children.  I guess it shows the diversity of my Facebook friends.   Like too often happens it seems as if many of the supporters of each side in this dispute are talking past each other.
     This past week I am re-reading the "Guns of August" that is a thorough step by step description of how the world blundered into World War I.  Land disputes of 100 years ago are not much different than the land disputes of today.  I am saddened to think that my great grandchildren and their children will probably not find the world any more rational on these matters 100 years from now.  When the importance of possession of a particular land becomes more important than human lives we have lost much of our humanity.  We unfortunately are seeing that played out in the news the past few weeks.  Here's to not taking sides in these territorial disputes.

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